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Recycling Centers in Mentor

Don’t throw away your old metal products when you're through with them! We will buy your old junk for top dollar! And recycling is much better for the environment as well. When considering recycling centers in the Mentor area, we should be at the top of your list!

Easy Drop-off Services for Metal Recycling in Mentor

When you want to pick up a little extra cash, come to us for metal recycling. Our drop-off facilities feature the following:

  • Paved roads for easy access
  • Full-service unloading
  • No minimum weight requirement (you can bring 1 pound or 1,000,000 pounds)
  • Top prices for your items

Household Items You Can Sell

We accept much more than just old aluminum cans at our Mentor recycling center. We also pay top prices for scrap metal. Before you throw your metal away, call us to see if it can be recycled! We buy items such as:

  • Aluminum siding, rain gutters, and downspouts
  • Worn out appliances
  • Metal pots and pans
  • Brass handles, knickknacks, and door knobs
  • Screen doors and metal window frames
  • Insulated and non-insulated wire
  • Old cast iron plumbing parts and pipes
  • And much more

Business Options for Collection

We make it easy to get rid of your old scrap metal. If you are a business and have a lot of scrap that you would like to sell, we have two different options:

  • Collect your items and bring them to our facility yourself
  • Order a roll-off container to reside at your location and be emptied on a periodic basis

Call our office for more details about how we can best serve your business.

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